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#U2Invisible. Visible. February 11th.

Love this tune. Good cause too.


#U2Invisible. Visible. February 11th.

Love this tune. Good cause too.

via U2.
Link 18 Jan LEGO Ad From 1981 Should Be Required Reading For Everyone Who Makes, Buys Or Sells Toys»

Alright…let’s get this straight.

It seems we’re all up in arms about toys for only girls. It seems we’re blaming the advertisers for marketing to stereotypes. Here’s some news or at least food for thought.

Consider for a moment that maybe their strategy works. It’s their job to move products by making sure people buy them. So why not exploit pre-existing tendencies amongst the part of society that buys things: us.

Or how about Lego doing what any smart corporation would do to make money and expand their market? Hey, only boys play with our stuff let’s get something girls like. A few focus groups later and guess what, purple and pink appeals to little girls.

Furthermore, guess what sells news. Controversy. I’m not going to say that HuffPo is stirring the  pot or anything. But before you judge and dismiss a sexist product why not do something with your life style that encourages positive change in the world? Maybe we should be changing human nature…not the color of a few plastic building blocks.

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My new sounds:

Photo 2 Jan A Power Ranger riding a snail.

A Power Ranger riding a snail.

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With My Fingers

I got a MIDI controller. After years of programming Reason with a mouse I finally get a controller. Seriously, it’s been like 10 years. But until recently they were pretty pricey endeavors and I am a guitar player anyway.

So here is my first track using the controller to…

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